Thursday, 23 August 2012

Olympian Shukvani takes legal action

London 2012: The athlete, the 'balcony escape’ from the Athletes’ Village and the legal action
Betkil Shukvani - Georgian judoka star
It is interesting to read in the British newspaper, The Telegraph that Betkil Shukvani whom I reported three weeks ago as having been apparently intimidated by the Deputy Sports Minister, may be considering legal action.
Mr Shukvani travelled to England last week and has met with Mishcon de Reya, the eminent London lawyer to assess the options open to him, after allegedly being threatened for his political beliefs. 
Mr Victor Mishcon started the law firm in 1937 and has developed the law business into one of the most sought after and successful legal companies in the UK, which employs over 500 staff and has offices in London and New York. Last year, Mishcon de Reya was named the top law firm in the UK by The Sunday Times newspaper. Mishcon de Reya also rose to fame for representing Princess Diana during her divorce from HRH the Prince of Wales.
Mr Shukvani has claimed that Udesiani threatened him with "words to the effect that they would be putting dynamite in the mouths of anyone associated with Georgian Dream and lighting the fuse." For an athlete at an Olympic games to make such an extraordinary claim demonstrates the new low that President Saakashvili's Government has lowered itself. The President should initiate an immediate inquiry and get to the bottom of what has happened. However, the dictatorial tendencies in his Government mean that this is yet another example of the thuggish tactics that are employed to try and silence the opposition.
President Saakashvili
So, the Government of Georgia needs to tread carefully and cannot just dismiss Mr Shukvani's claims. He has the weight of experienced lawyers behind him.

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